Business Career Advice Can Be a Source of Your Wealth Foundation

The standard you set today determines the memory you create for the future. The foundations you create today determine your impact in the future and it is you who has to put them to work.

Before you succeed, you have to lay down a good foundation for your careers which includes:

1. Involving a business you believe in.

2.Learn anything that will make you successful. There’s no one way to success.

3. Readiness to exhibit energy.

4. Determination

5. Things have changed, be prepared to take the education of the road.

6. Learn how to distribute your income to diversify into other business areas. According to business developers;

a-First 25% on fixed assets such as land and property in capital around.

b-25% on floating assets such as stock and share in stock exchange market.

c-Last 25% as a waste around available for you to spend as you wish. Learn how to buy business and know how to invest in stock and shares.

7. Integrity: This is a key to the success of an entrepreneur.

Great Customer Service is the Foundation of Business Success

Effective customer service is fundamental to success. But it’s often forgotten or neglected. No matter what you’re selling, widgets or copy writing services, business success is built on satisfying customers — one at a time. It’s about delivering great customer service.

Repeat business and referrals are fundamental to the maximum long-term business growth and profitability on any enterprise. After all, repeat buyers and referrals are the most profitable sales you can possibly generate. If every customer is a one-time buyer only, you’ll need to consistently fill the pipeline with fresh new prospects to make any sales at all. Providing exceptional customer service significantly increases the odds of subsequent purchases. You set yourself up to have customers buy from you again and and again, without even considering other options.

As merchants, we need to bend over backwards to satisfy those who patronize our businesses. This means giving the customer the benefit of any doubt. Provide the kind of courtesy, attentiveness and service you expect and are entitled to when you’re the buyer. It’s the Golden Rule applied to business. Play the role of the buyer and upgrade your customer service accordingly.

Nobody wants an unsatisfied customer – unless they’re not worth having. Thankfully, this is rare, though problem customers are out there. If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve probably experienced the “impossible to satisfy” customer. No reasonable businessperson wants their name and reputation dragged through the mud. The easiest way to prevent this kind of occurrence is to take extra care of those you serve.

The worst thing any business owner can do is to not respond to emails and phone calls. Ignoring calls only makes matters worse as customers feel neglected or abandoned – usually after spending a fair amount of cash on your product or service. When ignored repeatedly, a disappointed customer’s frustration and stress level can build to the boiling point. At that’s exactly what you want to avoid at all costs.

Keeping in touch with customers is vitally important.

When I’m working on a sales letter writing project, I often exchange numerous emails with my client, providing frequent updates, getting clarification, and asking probing questions that lead to greater insights and more persuasive sales copy. It also helps foster good feelings and solidifies the client/provider relationship. People want to know that I’m busy working on their project – not consumed by the concerns of everyone else.

Customer dissatisfaction is most often due to a lack of communication. Someone didn’t get what she anticipated. The product didn’t live up to its promise. Perhaps they simply had second thoughts after the fact and want a refund. Or there was a misunderstanding as to what products or services would be delivered and at what price. Whatever the case may be – you’ve got to do your absolute best to smooth any ruffled feathers.

In the writing business, it might be that key issues were missed… the emphasis was off base… or the angle taken wasn’t the best fit for the market or product, in the customer’s estimation.

Whatever the case may be, most competent copywriters will tweak or modify the copy to suit the client. When it completely misses the mark, they’ll offer a re-write without any additional charge. Refusing to do so doesn’t make sense, as it leaves the buyer feeling ripped off and unfulfilled with their purchase.

It’s all about satisfying those who keep us in business. Customer service is an essential ingredient of any long-term business success. Be prepared to give more in use value than you ask in cash value. Maintain a service mindset and be there for your customers. The long term rewards are well worth the effort.

Yes, you can cash in by offering better customer service in your business.

Getting Back To Basics – 5 Steps To Strengthen Your Business Foundation And Become More Profitable

In order to support our growth and efforts to achieve our goals, our business needs a solid infrastructure on which we can build. If this infrastructure is not in place, you could find yourself in a position where you are growing too fast too soon and not serving your clients nearly as well as you should be. This in turn will create unnecessary stress and frustration, which equals a not so happy Virtual Assistant who is working harder and making less money than she should.

So, it’s important to take stock of your business periodically and see how your foundation is holding up and what improvements you need to make. And if you’re just starting out, you’ll do yourself a HUGE favor by setting up a strong business foundation from day one.

Following are my top five tips for assessing your business and strengthening your foundation:

1) Review and revise your business plan - Many times business owners create a business plan when they are first starting out, get excited about it, but then file it away and never look at it again. Sometimes new entrepreneurs don’t even take the time to develop a simple business plan. This is a BIG mistake! Going through the steps to create a business plan is a terrific way to get all of your ideas out on paper and to create a roadmap to follow to grow your business. Its easy to think one can keep all of their ideas, goals and strategies locked safely in their memory. But there are two things wrong with that. 1) You absolutely can’t remember all of the details and 2) you’ll have a more difficult time working towards them because you haven’t committed your thoughts to paper. So schedule time on your calendar NOW to review and revise your business plan. (Or if you’re just starting out, to create one – which we will help you with in our “Get A Strong Start” class).

2) Take stock of your financial situation - For some this can be the least “exciting” part of running a business. That is having to deal with all of the “number stuff”. But, most of us start our companies to make a profit and support our families – not to unintentionally be running a non-profit organization where we work for free. You won’t know which category you fall into if you aren’t clear on the financial state of your business. If you are not already doing so, ask your accountant or bookkeeper to start running monthly reports of your expenses and income so you can see how profitable you REALLY are.

3) Review your business standards to see if they are still working for you - One of the things my coach helped me to do when I was first starting out was to create a set of standards for my business. This included the hours I would work, my fee structure, how I would handle different clients situations, illness/vacation, etc. – basically ALL of the details of how I would run my business.

4) Fine tune your marketing systems - Some Virtual Assistants have a bad habit of only marketing their business when they need a new client. That is a big no-no! As a business owner, you should only be spending your time on two things – 1) serving your clients and 2) marketing your business.

5) Start implementing systems in your business - You likely do some of the same tasks over and over again in serving your clients. At the very least, each week/month you’re doing bookkeeping, marketing, reporting to your clients on project progress, etc. As such you should be developing systems for every aspect of your business. A system is simple a list of guidelines or instructions about how to handle a particular task or project. It’s way for you to implement quality control into your Virtual Assistant practice so that you consistently deliver high quality results for yourself and your clients.

Likely, you set out to be a Virtual Assistant because you wanted to pursue a career that would give you more control over your schedule and earning potential. So make it easier on yourself to achieve your goals, by taking steps to tighten up your foundation and get clear on your goals. Running a successful business obviously takes effort and dedication for business improvement. And having a strong infrastructure and a solid plan to follow will ensure that you are spending your time and energy on the activities that will get you the results you want!